Empty my home, entrust my plants to a friend and go to live in Central America.

Encantada! Glad you want to know me a little more!

I can take a 3 minutes of your time to tell you who is the girl behind Drolette? I'm doing it fast! I know you are busy!

Drolette, in the end, it's me, Marie-Eve Drolet who decided to start his business.

I live in Central America, in a small village in Nicaragua called Popoyo - admit that just the name makes you think that the spot is exciting. What brings me here? The people of the village, the rhythm of life, the ocean, run at 32 degrees and the heat of the sun that makes me smile.


Drolette is a business project that was built for 3 months after my shifts at Quebec en Forme as a web project manager. Several happy hours with Marie-Michèle to challenge the project later, Drolette was a consulting firm in web strategy that was viable to us in Nicaragua.

So since December 2016, I help passionate entrepreneurs to become better on the web.

Nicaragua hotels and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds but especially in the field of coaching and sports. We can follow each other on Facebook if you want. :)

Before, for 5 years, I was a web strategy advisor in a great organization called Québec en Forme.

No, no, it's not a gym. It is a fund that aims to ensure that young Quebeckers are in better shape. I loved it! It was my dream job I had thanks to Twitter because I started tweeting a lot about young people, health and the internet during my masters. It took me a way to keep myself in front of my typing computer for hours. Frederic Therrien recruited me by sending me a direct message via Twitter.

Yes! A good presence on social media can bring you a job.

During my short career at Quebec en Forme, I managed communities on nearly a dozen social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), a community totalling more than 60,000 subscribers. I collaborated on the project teams to optimize their actions on the web in order to reach the objectives as well as possible.

I had the chance to develop the website, the mobile application WIXX (which won a beautiful NUMIX prize in 2016) in collaboration with the web agency Turbulent - a really beautiful team. I also started the Quebec en Forme blog which was generating a natural traffic of about 7,000 readers per month and for a niche "healthy lifestyle", it's excellent!

One thing I haven't told you yet is that I teach at CÉGEP de Trois-Rivières live from Popoyo's village. I log on to their online platform and I train professionals to develop a good web presence for their business - with the sea breeze in the back. You have no idea how lucky I am to live this.


I really like helping people to improve the way they use the web. 

I am a former student of Campus INFOPRESSE on user experience, SEO, web content, participatory web and analytics. I am trained on the bone and I continue to read and learn.

Top chrono 3 minutes hen? I calculated it! :)

Just like that, would you like it to stop feeling guilty when you think of your Facebook page? Or maybe you think it would be nice to have a website coming out in Google when people are looking for you? Well, maybe I'm THE GIRL that can change your life by helping you fix that!

I leave you my email here: just in case :) We plan a small meeting on Facetime when you are ready. 

My goal in life is to help people passionate to improve their web presence for their business / project and I decided to share my best tips in the Drolette Blog.

Ah yes! I also wanted to tell you that Sylvie Charbonneau - my former colleague from Québec en Forme - wrote an interview style article on how to work while traveling (in French) if you're interested.

Hasta prunto muchachos!

Mucho love.